Glenbrook Middle School Orchestra Handbook 2014 – 2015

Classroom Supplies
*Black 1” three ring binder*
*A way to record at home*
Smart phones and iPads are the easiest to use to make a recording. You can also use your computer – desktop or laptop. If it does not have an internal microphone, you can purchase a one at Radio Shack, Staples or even online. This does not need to be a high quality recording, so a basic mic is enough! Students will be required to submit their recordings through Google Classroom.

Grading Policy
20% Participation/Effort: This category includes bringing all music, method book, pencil, shoulder rest (violins/violas) and supplies (rosin, other supplies), contributing positively and being on task throughout rehearsal. In addition, students are expected to practice at least 10 - 15 minutes per day for 5 days in a week for a total of 50 minutes per week.
30% Playing Assessments: Announced take-home tests performing your pieces individually.
10% Quizzes: Announces or unannounced spot quizzes on note reading, music terminology, performance of difficult passages in the music and scales.
40% Concert Attendance: It is the student’s responsibility to attend ALL performances and dress rehearsals.

2014-2015 Concert Dates

GlenbrookConcerts are held in the Glenbrook Auditorium
WilliamsConcerts are held at LHS
6th Grade- Wednesday, January 14
7th/8th Grade- Thursday, January 15
6th Grade- Wednesday, June 3
7th/8th Grade- Thursday, June 4
(Concerts are held at Glenbrook Auditorium)

Jazz/Orchestra Tour (7th/8th Orchestra)
Wednesday, June 10
6th Grade- Monday, January 12 @ LHS
7th/8th Grade- Tuesday, January 13 @ LHS
6th Grade- Monday, June 1 @ LHS
7th/8th Grade Tuesday, June 2 @ LHS

Jazz/Orchestra Tour (7th/8th Orchestra)
Wednesday, June 10

Concert Dress Code
Boys = White long sleeve dress shirt, black pants, and dress shoes. Seventh and eighth graders must also wear a tie. No sneakers, no flip-flops.
Girls = White dress shirt, black skirt (when sitting, knees should be covered) or black dress pants, and black dress shoes. No sneakers, no flip-flops.
Classroom Rules
  1. 1. Arrive on Time or With a Pass
  2. 2. Keep Hands, Feet, Instruments, etc. to Self
  3. 3. Follow Directions First Time Given
  4. 4. Rehearse Effectively
  • Attention on Conductor
  • Start/Stop as Directed
  • Stopping ≠Talking

Classroom Procedures
  1. 1. Enter room quickly and quietly; auditorium entry is through stage door only.
  2. 2. Unpack instruments at the back/sides of the room
  3. 3. Place your own music and pencils on your stand.
  4. 4. Tune at your assigned tuning station.
  5. 5. Begin Seatwork
  6. 6. Rehearse Effectively
  • Attention on Conductor
  • Start/Stop as Directed
  • Stopping ≠Talking
  1. 7. The teacher dismisses, not the bell.

Detach the following form and return to class by September 5, 2014 – This is probably the easiest A+ you will earn all year.
You can also scan it and attach it in Google Classroom

I have read through the 2014-2015 Orchestra Handbook with my student and we are aware of the grading procedure, concert dates and classroom expectations.

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