Reading the notes on the page is one of the biggest challenges we face. Here are some games to play to help get more familiar with the notes on the staff and how they are on your instrument.

Violin Viola Cello

Treble Clef Practice Alto Clef Practice Bass Clef Practice

More Treble Clef More Alto Clef More Bass Clef

Even More Treble Clef Even More Alto Clef Even More Bass Clef

Note Trainer - All Instruments
Make sure you enable your clef and disable the others

Arcade Type Game
What score can you get before you lose all your lives?
Again, make sure you pick your clef!

Staff Practice
Start easy by eliminating the ledger lines. Then challenge yourself by adding them back in!
Violas, make sure you choose the Alto Clef.

Violin Viola (Choose Alto Clef) Cello/Bass

Fingerboard Practice
Start by clicking on "Notes on Tapes". When you're good at that, go through the key signatures;
C Major, G Major, D Major, A Major, F Major.

Violin Viola Cello Double Bass