Blueberry Hill Road School

Band Begins again on Tuesday, April 1st!Please learn your music ahead of time, so we are prepared to put it together then!

Just a reminder that we have our concert rapidly approaching!

We have had a wonderful first semester and can't wait to showcase what we have learned so far this year. The band, chorus and orchestra will be featured at our evening concert on Tuesday, January 28th (updated 1/21).

The band members need to arrive at 6:30 and meet me in Mrs. Quynn-Dale's classroom for tuning and warm-ups.

The concert will start at 7 pm and last for about 45 minutes.

Concert dress:
Girls: Black slacks or skirts, white tops. Black shoes or dressy boots.
Boys: Black or tan slacks (Chorus requires tan), white tops, black shoes - no sneakers.

Thank you for all you do! I am looking forward to seeing you at the concert.

Blueberry Hill 2013-2014 Band Schedule.png